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Bad weather is not a reason to cancel the activity. Only in severe weather conditions will the activity be rescheduled to another date or an alternative will be sought. If an activity has to be canceled by E-Tours due to force majeure (accident, damage to equipment, etc.) participants will be informed as soon as possible. In this case, the participant is entitled to a 100% refund of the registration fee. The participant cannot claim compensation when E-Tours cancels an activity.

The average duration of a tour is approximately 3 to 3.5 hours, including briefing, introduction, ride, and breaks. Some groups may prefer to focus on speed, which means we can return to the E-Tours base a bit faster. The tour can be adjusted to your preferences, whether it's shortening its duration or taking some extra rounds at the spots you most enjoy.

For all private activities, there’s a minimum of 6 participants. Registration for smaller groups is possible under certain conditions. You can email us with the number of participants and when you would like to do the tour, and we’ll find additional participants to join your group. Another option is to pay the minimum fee for 6 participants and go on a private or smaller group tour with us.

The speed of the scooter is fully adjustable. Our scooters are limited to a maximum of 25 km/h, the legally defined speed for motor vehicles without license plates. However, we can increase the speed to 35 km/h on private property. Every tour includes sections where this is possible and allowed. Each scooter has two motors that you operate manually. You can also accelerate using only one motor if you prefer to ride at a slower pace. Each motor has five power modes. These modes limit the top speed, there are ten different settings available. Something for everyone!

Our minimum age requirement is 16 years old. However, if you wish to form a family group with teenagers between 12 and 16, we can discuss a customized experience.

Anyone who can ride a bike can ride a scooter. A basic level of fitness is sufficient to join our tours, and there is no age limit. Scootering is accessible and easy; each wheel is powered by an electric motor, so you don't even need to exert much effort. Grandchildren can enjoy our tour together with their best friend grandpa!

Our scooters and tours are designed to make the joy of scootering and exploring our surroundings, in a different way, accessible to everyone. E-Tours combines the thrill of sports, in your own rhythm, with the enjoyment of a group activity. There is room for those who enjoy tackling challenges, as well as for who prefers a more relaxed pace. You can adjust the tour’s intensity to your wishes, but more than anything, it's about enjoying the moment and experience!

Our answer: a resounding ‘yes’! Even avid mountain bikers can enjoy an exciting activity with us! Our scooters are equipped with considerable (speed) capacity, and for adrenaline junkies, we gladly make the tour extra challenging. Go ahead and check out our reviews for testimonials from other thrill-seekers!

Scootering with us is all about moving at your own pace and sensing your personal limits. It won't take long before you’ll feel your confidence grow. Gradual progression is the key to fully enjoying the ride! Everyone can progress at their own level as the tour progresses. Our experienced guide ensures that you have a comfortable and enjoyable trip according to your own capabilities. You alone decide whether to take the forest path or stay comfortably on the bike track, creating your own riding experience.

Cancellation is subject to certain conditions. A, non-refundable, administration fee of 10 euros per participant will be charged. If canceled within 2 weeks prior to the start of the tour, 30% of the total participation fee will be deducted. If canceled 1 week in advance, 50% will be deducted. If canceled one day before or on the day itself, no refund will be possible. Registration is official once the registration form is submitted and payment is received. The registration fee must be paid within 15 days of receiving the invoice or payment request.

Safety and responsibility are priorities for E-Tours. Participants are informed about the risks of the activity and receive detailed safety instructions. E-Tours are active, sports-oriented, and take place in nature, participation is at your own risk. E-Tours cannot be held liable for damage, loss, or theft of the participant's property or damage to individuals (both participants and third parties). E-Tours has liability insurance in case the company is held liable for negligence causing damage to goods or persons. Accidents, injuries, or other damage resulting from your participation in E-Tours' activities are covered by the participant's health insurance or personal liability insurance. Any physical or mental issues that may affect the course of the E-Tour must be reported in advance.

Wear and bring clothing suitable for the weather conditions. Take enough warm clothes so you can adjust layers along the way. We’ll provide you with a backpack to store your belongings. A windbreaker works wonders! Rain gear or spare clothes are recommended depending on the weather and the strength of your mud magnet. Cycling gloves are not a must but can be pleasant. During the winter months, it's best to wear thermal underwear, long pants, a base layer, a buff, scarf, and hat. Thermal gloves that allow movement (not ski or motorcycle gloves) are recommended. Rain pants, a rain jacket (k-way), or cycling gloves are available for rent if needed. We provide bicycle helmets.

You will be amazed by what E-Tours and tiny Belgium have to offer in terms of off-road terrain and astounding nature areas. Think of parks, forests, mountain bike trails, nature reserves... not to mention the unique urban obstacles you can tackle in our cities! The creative architects who shaped our world must have anticipated us, scootering through ;-)

Normally, our tours start at the E-Tours base or, in the case of the Vreiland tour, we ride to our starting point together. But nothing is impossible! We’re happy to adapt to your wishes and needs. Contact us directly to discuss your questions.

After the tour, E-Tours provides a complimentary drink (beer or soft drink). After the tour, you are welcome to hang out in our garden or studio for an hour. However, we are not a bar or restaurant. Enjoy, but in moderation ;)

The more treats, the better! Just don't forget to include our guides ;)